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Shanghai Shopping Area
Shanghai Shopping Area
Shanghai Shopping Area

Shanghai has been famed as "the shopping paradise" and "the oriental paris' in history. Visitors come to Shanghai with a purpose of seeing the city's pulse and history, as well as shopping in its various kinds of shops and stores.

Nanjing road, China's No.1 commercial street is a must for all visitors; Huaihai road, an elegant and cultural commercial street, attracts thousands of young people who search for the latest fashion; and Sichuan road, a popular commercial street, is specially favored by the working classes. In addition, the modern Xujiahui commercial town, the traditional Yu yuan bazaar, the kerry ever bright city near the exit of the Shanghai railroad station are all prime locations for avid shoppers.

Special shopping streets and markets are also found in Shanghai, such as the cultural street Fuzhou road, where book stores are closely lined one after another, including the famous Shanghai book town, science and technology book shop, ancient book shop, etc. hundred-year-old stores and shops that sell local special products and are well-known home and abroad can be found in good locations. The long-famed Beijing da ren tang Chinese medicine store, yellow-star fan shop, Hengdali watch & clock co. can all be easily found in Shanghai.

Shanghai is also famous for its great variety of local products and artistic handicrafts. The shopping tour, one of the purposes of domestic and foreign tourists who come to Shanghai , has become one important part of the city's urban style tourism.

Shanghai Shopping Area
Shanghai Shopping Area
Shanghai Shopping Area

Dong Tai Road Antique Market

Dong Tai Road is a lot of fun, especially if you're in the mood to just wander and look at junk. You'll find every kind of Mao memorabilia to old records, photos, lanterns, porcelain, chopsticks and knick-knacks. Remember to bargain hard here and have fun treasure hunting.

Address: Dong Tai Road, near Xizang Nan Road

Pearl's Circles, Wholesale Pearl & Stone Market

Let fantasy be your guide. For pennies, you can design jewelry to your heart's content. Every vendor will have loads of ready-made jewelry for you to look over but you can also design your own. Just wait a few minutes and they'll string everything for you as you watch. Remember the golden rule: bargain, bargain, bargain!

Address: First Asia Jewelry Plaza, 3rd floor, 288 Fuyou Lu

First Asia Jewelry Plaza, 3rd floor, 288 Fuyou Lu

Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market

The market is a little out of the way for the normal tourist who is staying downtown, but if you have time (hey, they're open until 10pm), make the trip out. Like Pearl's Circles, vendors have ready-made items for you to buy, but you can do your own designing. Freshwater pearls are a real value in China. Read more about buying pearls in China here.

address: Hong Mei Road on the corner of Hong Qiao Road

Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market

What happened to Xiang Yang market? After that famous "fake" market closed its gates in 2006, many vendors relocated to Yatai Xinyang. This is a great place to buy inexpensive souvenirs: Shanghai t-shirts, chopsticks, cushion covers and pashminas. Let the buyer beware: when it comes to fakes, you get what you pay for (and you probably paid too much).

Address: Science and Technology Museum Metro Stop (Metro Line 2), Pudong

Shanghai Longhua Fashion and Gift Market

According to its local ads, the original Xiang Yang market is "now registered as Longhua Market". Well, indeed, after Xiang Yang, the famous "fake" market, closed its gates in 2006, many vendors relocated to Yatai Xinyang above and to the Longhua market. It sells the same items as #4, has the added value of being near the temple, so you could do a bit of sight-seeing before you shop.

Address: 2465 Longhua Road, near the Longhua Temple

Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market

Here you can make your couture dreams come true. Great values are qipaos, cashmere coats and men's shirts. Almost every stall has its own tailor who can whip up whatever you want in about a week. Your best bet is to have something you like copied over in your new fabric. Clothing made from photos or descriptions yield mixed (mostly bad) results. If you can, bring a Chinese speaker with you. Some tailors do speak English.

Address: 399 Lujiabang Road (near the Bund)

Shanghai Shiliu Puhong Qixiang Cloth Market

This market is very similar to #6, but is much quieter and has a lot fewer foreigners standing around looking confused. You'll find the same fabrics - cashmere, silk, linen, wool and cotton at similar prices. Many vendors speak a bit of English but if you're having something complicated made, it's best to take along someone who can speak a bit of Chinese.

Address: 399 Lujiabang Road (near the Bund)

Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market

Unless you're in the market for fighting crickets or grubs to feed your birdies, this is more of a gawk-stop than a real shopping trip. It's worth the trip for the weird and unusual and you'll get some great photos.

Address: Tibet Road at Fuxing Road (just a few minutes walk from Dong Tai Road

Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market

This is an interesting place to see some non-Han Chinese culture. Check ot the different offerings, sample some street food and even have a wander around the mosque. Most of the vendors come from Xinjiang Province and their cuisine is very different from eastern China. Folks are friendly but don't speak a lot of Mandarin - hand signals and smiles are useful. Ask before taking photos.

Address: In front of the Huxi Mosque, 1328 Changde Lu, near Aomen Lu, Northern Jing'an District