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The East Hill Suzhou China

The West Hill Scenic Spot lies in the southern centre of Taihu Lake and the buses from Wuxian city Bus Station or Southern Gate Bus Station go directly there. Facing the East Hill Scenic Area, the West Hill is composed of Dongting west hill, the largest island in Taihu Lake and the other islands around. The scenery here embraces the essence of the hills and Taihu Lake featured by the unique archipelago scenes and the historic sites formed since the period of Wu & Yue.

Surrounding the West Hill, the 36,000-hectare Taihu Lake is featured by the mist-covered water and the scattered islands. Counting more than 30, these islands lie in an even density, forming a grand scroll painting of boundless islands and lakes, hills and sky. Among the 72 peaks in Taihu Lake, the West Hill island proper boasts 41 layer upon layer encircling peaks rising in emerald verdure. Each view, distant or close, would offer you immense artistic enjoyment. Most of the West Hill is covered by various kinds of flowers and fruits. The types and quantity of flowers & fruits as well as the ancient buildings of Ming & Qing dynasties of the West Hill can rival those of the East Hill, while the afforestation and the number of ancient and famous trees surpass those of the East Hill. The main scenic spots of West Hill are cloud-encircled knoll of Qing-gang, snow-clad Mao-gang Hill, cloud view in Li-li, autumn moon of Shi-gong Island, spiraling twilight smoke in Lin-wu, summer fishermen's song, sun-lit rippling rice, snow-white plums in Si-long Hill, etc.

In the recent years, the opening to traffic of Taihu Lke Bridge has offered people great convenience from Suzhou city to West Hill, and thus make the once quiet ancient township of West Hill a bustling tourist attraction.