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Zhouzhuang Transportation

zhouzhuang has no airport nor railway station and the town can only be reached via highway or water.

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By bus: Zhouzhuang is very accessible via bus. There are many buses from Shanghai and Suzhou to Zhouzhuang.

Suzhou-Zhouzhuang: a bus leaves from Suzhou north long-distance bus station from 7:05 am to 5:00 pm every 20 minutes.

Shanghai-Zhouzhuang: there are around 7 buses heading for Zhouzhuang from Shanghai long-distance bus station daily.

By Ferry: Zhouzhuang is connected by the Jishui river with Shanghai and Hangzhou. Visitors from Hangzhou can travel along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to get to Zhouzhuang. Travel via that waterway may slow, time consuming and exhausted but the riverside country scenery probably provide you a quite memorable experience.