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Yichang China Travel Service is a full service China travel agency providing China Focus Tours,China Panda Tours,Tibet Tours,Panda Volunteer Programs,English Teaching Programs, China Cultural Exchange Programs and Yangtze River Cruise Tours. We specialize in "tailor-made" and "customized" individual, family and group tours throughout whole China.We have offices in every hot destination in China. Contact us now to receive our prompt response, competitive prices, and outstanding service.

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America Tourists in China


To Whom it may concern: Please let this letter serve as a very positive testimonial for the services provided by Yichang China Travel Service.I had the pleasure of using their services during May of 2008 with a trip to Beijing and Xi'An China. All of the services Harry (the tour consultant of China Travel Service)stated he would provide were taken care of without so much as even one problem encountered.I have to give the highest praise to the dirvers and especially our guide in Beijing, Mr. Li Zhi and our guide in Xi'An "Richard". (sorry I lost his name card) Li Zhi (who went by his American name of IKE) was SUPERB in the service he provided.He met us at the airport and was never late each morning for our departures.He was funny and well informed and arranged even the smallest of details.He was patient and went out of his way on several occasions to make sure we had written instructions for cabs and locations during the days off we had requested.Our trip could not have b een more enjoyable and I would recommend this agency and guides to all who are planning a trip to China.I was initailly planning on doing everything myself but having a driver and guides meet us each day was so VERY NICE.Please don't go to China without using a guide and driver, the aggravation you avoid is worth every penny.

P.S.If you go, you HAVE to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Great Wall, and Summer Palace at a minimum.Prepare for lots of walking and climbing of steep steps and uneven walkways.

Sincerely, Ken Fransk, Cindy Fransk and Katie Fransk

Visting China and Tibet
(by Ian Rodger from Britain)
In the summer of 2008 my wife and I visited China and Tibet with the help of Yichang China Travel Service. We cannot fault the service we received from their representative David, while preparing our itinerary,booking our tours, our internal flights and setting up our visit to Tibet. His knowledge and expertise on China and Tibet enabled him to advise us on the best itinerary.

We used the Yichang China Reps at the locations listed below and found them to be knowledgeable, helpful, with a good understanding of the English language. They were also very flexible to our requirements and encouraged us to spend extra time where we wished. We have recommended the services of Yichang China Travel to our friends and colleagues. If or when we return to China we would definitely use them on our next visit. Please find a short resume of our trip to China.

A very modern looking city with good roads, hotels and shops but traffic is very congested. The sights in and around Beijing are varied.

Great Wall: A must to go and see but take good walking shoes, spare T-Shirt, towel and an umbrella. The walk is very steep in places but it is definitely worthwhile.

Ming Tombs: A very basic display with a lack of treasures to see.

Tiananmen Square: Not much to see there but the history of it makes it worth a visit.

Temple of Heaven: A very impressive structure to go and see. Hard to believe that it is built using all wooden joints and there is no metal fixtures assisting in holding it together.

Summer Palace: The history of the Dragon Queen makes this place very interesting.

Forbidden Palace: If possible enter from the back entrance and leave the main halls and courtyard until the end. A wonderful site.

Chinese Opera: Very good show with varying acts and not too long.

Peking Duck Banquet: A good experience and well worth the visit.

Beijing Parks: A must to go and visit. Very interesting and relaxing seeing how the retired Chinese people fill their days.

The airport is over an hour from City Walls. Less modern than Beijing but with good hotels, restaurants and sites of interest. Again traffic was very congested but you could walk to most sights in the City.

City Wall: Very impressive as it is the only complete city wall in China.

Hot Springs: Worth a visit to see where the Emperors relaxed and the early Chinese plumbing.

Temple on Hill behind Hot Springs: Not worth the 3hr uphill walk but ok with the 10min Cable car ride. Good views of Hot Springs.

Wild Goose Pagoda: It is a good climb to top but worth it for the view.

Bell and Drum Tower: Good photos but not much to see.

The Grand Mosque: Very different to your usual Mosques. It is hidden down back streets and not that easy to find. (we did it without the guide). Good shopping area for local souvenirs. Remember to haggle.

Terracotta Soldiers: An awesome sight, especially as the majority has still to be unearthed. Start at Pit 3, then Pit 2 and finish off at Pit 1, where the army is standing.

Dumpling Buffet and Show: A really enjoyable opera style show. You can miss out Buffet.

Watch out for the high altitude and take medication with you. On the first day you can feel breathless and light headed. Airport to Lhassa is approx 1 hours but there is very interesting scenery on route.

Lhassa: City is not as modern as cities in China. Hotels are basic but clean. The older citizens still wear traditional dress.

Drepung Monastry: Definitely worth a visit but wear walking/climbing footwear as there are many steps. There are many different sections to see, all with different aspect of Tibetan Culture.

Norbulingka Palace: Interesting to see the Dala Lama's summer palace.

Sera Monastry: Smaller than Drepung but worth a visit especially to see the Debating Monks.

Tibetan Clinic: On the spot diagnosis by a Doctor who only takes your pulse, looks into your eyes and at your tongue. Natural Remedies were available.

Jokhang Temple: Similar to other Temples but with interesting market around it.

Orphanage: A nice place to visit and see the Tibetan approach to child care. The children all look very happy and welcomed us into their homes. It seems like a very worthwhile project with good results.

Patala Palace: A must visit site in Lhassa. It is a very steep climb to reach and has many stairs inside. An abundance of gold and jewels on the Dala Lamas' Tombs, all twelve of them.

A very modern city with good hotels, restaurants and roads. Not much to see in and around City. The main attraction is the Panda Conservation Area, within the City. If you have time travel out of the city to see the Panda's in their natural environment.

Yangtze Cruise:
It was very interesting to cruise down the river and see the New Three Gorges . The excursion up the tributary was also good, seeing the hanging coffins and the boat men.The Dam and Locks were an impressive structure.

.............Ian Rodger from Britain

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